14. Anatomy of a Meeting

This 20/20 addition is different from the others.  Last night I did not have time to sit down and write my daily essay because I was chairing a meeting of the Davis City Council.  Even though this was not dedicated writing time, I actually spend a LOT of time over the 5-plus hours of any meeting writing.  I am taking notes on what staff says in reports (those I may not directly in my computer), but then when it is time for public comment on an item (and there is ALWAYS public comment in our town!), and when it is time for my colleagues to weigh in, I take summary notes that enable me to capture the sense of what is going on. 

My job, at the end of the day is to take in the public comments and analyze them in light of what I believe is best for the community.  My job is also to take the many comments from my colleagues and provde points of divergence, consensus and try to find a way forward to provide staff with guidance.

The summarizing of these views goes to the heart of what a mayor in our form of governance is supposed to do.  Yes, I get to speak my own thoughts, but they must be woven together with those of my colleagues to provide a coherent decision and pathway forward.

And so I offer you my notes from the meeting on an item related to oversight of police surveillance technology.  Every item on the agenda follows the same format.  Notes in red point out what you ae seeing.  This is all public.



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