What we wish District Attorney Jeff Reisig had written in response to Public Defender Tracie Olson’s interview on racial disparities in imprisonment in Yolo County

It’s Juneteenth.  And clearly, there is a lot more freedom to be fought for in our community.

Below is a “response” that I wrote.  It is the response I believe Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig should have given to discussions about racial inequality in our county’s legal system.  Many have stepped up spontaneously to support it.  You will find their names here as well.

Unfortunately, here is the response DA Reisig actually gave.

He was responding to these comments by Yolo County Public Defender Tracie Olson.

The Davis Enterprise will be publishing this alternate response in this Sunday’s issue. I look forward to collaborating with Ms. Olson, others currently working within our local legal system, community members, and my former colleagues in local government to undertake the analysis, investigations, reporting and oversight outlined in the letter.  I hope you will join us.


Al Rojas Greg Brucker Margaret Ong
Alina Lusebrink Hazel Watson Marilyn L. Perry
Alina Stenlund Hoang-Van Nguyen Mark Aulman
Ann Block Jake Whitaker Mark Simon
Anoosh Jorjorian Jeannette Hogan Marne McGuinness
Antonio De Loera-Brust Jen Higley-Chapman Marsha Carlton
Bapu Vaitla Jennifer Rindahl Martha Teeter
Ben Wormeli Jewel Payne Monica Nolte
Betsy Elzufon Joanna Friesner Morgan Poindexter
Caitlin French Joanne Haller Nan Rowan
Cathy Forkas Jonathon Howard Natalia Deeb-Sossa
Christi-Anne Sokolewicz. Juan Tamayo Natalie Wormeli
Claire Goldstein Karen Dodds Gossard NJ Mvondo
Conner Gorman Karen Friis Nora Oldwin
Dave Griffin Karen Hamilton Peggy Bernardy
David Campos Kate Mellon-Anibaba Rachel Beck
David Greenwald Larry Guenther Rev. Dr. Brandon Austin
David Lichtenhan Lee Bartholomew Robb Davis
Dean Johannsson Linda & Stu Brensick Robin Rainwater
Denise Hoffner Linda Brant Roy Kaplan
Desiree Rojas Linda Deos Ryan Davis
Don Saylor Linda Hendricks Ryan Wessells
Elizabeth Fulmer Linda S Fitz Gibbon Sean Raycraft
Elizabeth Lasensky Lindsay Wilson Terry Sharif Amlani
Elizabeth Stevens Lorna Carriveau Shelly Gilbride
Emily Henderson Luanna Villanueva Steven Schmidt
Emily Hill Lucas Frerichs Teresa Geimer.
Emily March M E Gladis Tracy Tomasky
Francesca Wright Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald Zohar Tal

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