Flo (a mother)

She stands by the sink creating or cleaning up after a creation

(usually sweet, always lovingly made)

A useless arm

(crippled by something we never understood–most people never knew)

Later, she speaks of unspeakable abuse

At the end, her mind struggles to understand

How the man before her is the baby she just bore (as she now remembers it)


She stands by the sink

Describing how privilege works without that word

How the rich screw the rest (without THAT word)

How nothing is given, everything must be fought for

When you are poor

When you are trash


She stands by the sink

Listening to the stories of the hobo

(Yes, that is what we called them)

The single mom, the divorcee, the one shredded by mental illness, the abandoned child…

The “other” (the otherized). And she just listens


She stands by the sink

Washing dishes.  And my daughter watches

The grandma who washes dishes

And who cries over a soul lost


She stands by the sink

Head spinning in prayer to an angry God

Who saved her man (and whom she can never abandon (despite the anger) because of that)


She stands by the sink

Steam creating that halo for a woman too good for a broken world.


She stands by the sink.


(I miss you mom)







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